Men in my Kitchen by Linda Lines

Men in my Kitchen by Linda Lines

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and bears witness to emotions from romantic to tragic and everything in-between. As you read and she cooks, Linda Lines guides you through funny, sad and pivotal moments, which have unfolded in her kitchens over the decades. 

From romantic, mischievous, adult memories to her grandmother’s 1950s kitchen and her post-war childhood in her mother’s kitchen, Linda shares these small but haunting universal truths that all readers will relate to.

This book is packed with poems, photos and recipes that will inspire you to recreate Linda’s memorable treats, that have won the hearts of men... in your own kitchen.


1.22 cms H x 23.39 cms L x 15.60 cms W, 178 pages, Softcover, November 2017.

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