Matthias Wittig: Fake Dreams

Matthias Wittig: Fake Dreams

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Matthias Wittig turns pictures into brainteasers. A photo that at first glance looks like a casual snapshot, a frozen moment in time, sometimes conceals an entire storyline. Wittig evidently has an eye for the comically grotesque. Ambiguity seems to hold a fascination for him, as do the odd details that do not quite fit into the picture, thereby turning it into a story. This kind of ambiguity can be spooky and unsettling, but also imbued with humor and comical undertones. However, it is not only individual photos that seem enigmatic, but also the order in which they appear in the book. For what at first looks like a hidden connection often reveals itself to be an arrangement of surfaces and strange, unexpected color gradients that unravel into random chaos.Text in English and German.


136 pages, Hardcover, January 2022.

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