Library of Light: Encounters with Artists and Designers by Jo Joelson

Library of Light: Encounters with Artists and Designers by Jo Joelson

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Bringing together established and emerging practitioners who work with the medium of light, as material or subject, this book communicates the ways in which each practitioner extends the language of light and provides insights into the creative process. Structured around four thematic essays—"Political Light," "Mediating Light," "Performance Light" and "Absent Light"—this book examines light's impact on our cultural history and the role it plays in the new frontiers of art, design, and technology. The contributors have been chosen for their range of work across disciplines, with a focus on practice. They include early pioneers and innovators of light, as well as practitioners from theater, music, performance, fine art, film, public art, holography, digital media, architecture, and the built environment, together with curators, producers, and other experts. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs, the book includes conversations with David Batchelor, Rana Begum, Robin Bell, Anne Bean, Jason Bruges, Laura Buckley, Paule Constable, Ernest Edmonds, Angus Farquhar (NVA), Rick Fisher, Susan Gamble, Jon Hendricks, Susan Hiller, ISO Studio, Cliff Lauson, Chris Levine, Liliane Lijn, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Manu Luksch, Mark Major (Speirs & Major), Michael Hulls & Russell Maliphant, Helen Marriage, Anthony McCall, Gustav Metzger, Haroon Mirza, Yoko Ono, Katie Paterson, Andrew Pepper, Mark Titchner, Andi Watson, Michael Wenyon, and Richard Wilson.


2.54 cms H x 25.65 cms L x 19.81 cms W, 176 pages, Hardcover, April 2019.

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