Jim Dine: I Print: Catalogue Raisonné of Prints, 2001-2020 by Tobias Burg

Jim Dine: I Print: Catalogue Raisonné of Prints, 2001-2020 by Tobias Burg

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An opulent and scholarly catalogue raisonné of Dine’s lifelong adventures in printmaking, from woodcuts to books

Within Jim Dine’s (born 1935) diverse oeuvre, printmaking plays a consistent and overarching role. For six decades now, the artist’s enthusiasm for woodcuts, etching and lithography, for drypoint, monotypes and aquatints has not diminished―on the contrary, since 2001 Dine has produced over 750 prints in which he repeatedly discovers fresh expression for his iconic motifs: the hearts and bathrobes, the antique torsos and flowers, not to mention Pinocchio.

I Print is the latest in a series of scholarly catalogues raisonnés on Dine’s printed oeuvre and comprehensively documents all works produced since 2001, including information on their dimensions, print runs and papers, the complex printing processes that often combine techniques, as well as the printers and workshops involved in their realization. This opulent publication of nearly 400 pages also lists the artist’s books and portfolios that Dine has realized over the past 20 years; it is an indispensable reference for collectors, printmaking enthusiasts and academics alike.


3.81 cms H x 29.46 cms L x 24.89 cms W, 392 pages, Hardcover, June 2021.

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