Inside - Outside by Linda Lines

Inside - Outside by Linda Lines

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"Inside - Outside" is a very different, small collection of poems and images.

It is all of me... It is today... It is my truth.


Little heartfelt pieces and reflections of here and now, which I should like to share.


It is a celebration of having made it thus far,

And discovering life can just get better...

In spite of worldwide turmoil and division, and areas of great pain and suffering,

The hardest of obstacles can be overcome with the right frame of mind.


A big slice of optimism, imagination, a hell of a lot of hard work and determination helps...

If you are lucky enough to be in a safe and secure enough place to indulge it.

Thankfully -- for the moment -- I am.


Most of all, I believe in as much kindness as you can find in your heart to give.

Kindness is my favourite word.


0.71 cms H x 20.32 cms L x 12.70 cms W, 102 pages, Softcover, December 2018.

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