Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds: Thoughts and Visions of Contemporary Architecture from 101 Key Creatives

Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds: Thoughts and Visions of Contemporary Architecture from 101 Key Creatives

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An inspiring record of nearly twenty years of conversations by the author with various leading global figures in the arts, design, architecture, photography, curatorial, critical theory, and engineering fields Provides a wealth of thought-provoking insights, opinions, and thoughts on various important questions and intents to distill more than 101 ideasIllustrated with important works intentionally selected by the author to match the vision of the creative talentThe engaging narrative captures the behind-the-scenes stories of each project and relays a deep insight into these personalities, who can offer much wisdom. Some wonderful examples: "I Detest Writing Theories, I Prefer Writing Fables" --Emilio Ambasz"Looking is Tough, Most People Project" --David Adjaye"What Will Happen if Machines Start Dreaming" --Refik Anadol"Ground Should Be Given to People and Gardens, Not Buildings" --Will Alsop"Solutions Have to be Invented, not Solved" --Paul Andreu In this invaluable and thought-provoking book, Vladimir Belogolovsky reflects on nearly twenty years of conversations with leading creatives from around the world whose focus is on art, photography, architecture, design, critical theory, and more. His intimate dialogues are with prolific visionaries, the likes of Paul Andreu, Aaron Betsky, Tatiana Bilbao, Christo, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito, Glenn Murcutt, Renzo Piano, Moshe Safdie, Ric Scofido, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Michael Sorkin, Stanley Tigerman, Bernard Tschumi, Lin Utzon, Massimo Vignelli, Madelon Vriesendorp, and so many others. He exposes the complexity of their thought processes, while comparing and contrasting them to one another to distill more than 101 ideas. His engaging narrative captures the stories behind every project and every personality while exploring many important questions, including what makes a building architecture? How would a Futurist solve problems vs those whose focus is on nostalgia? The selection of interviews gathers many answers and intentions, but inevitably, also many more questions. Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds represents a diverse group of multitalented, creative people who work in disparate places culturally and climatically and came of age in very different times--from the revolutionary 1960s to our own time, when the future, for many, is being more feared than desired.


264 pages, Hardcover, June 2022.

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