Houses by Thai Architects: Dwelling Performances (Li-Zenn)

  • 1,890.00 ฿

The houses presented here are, at any rate, performative. The buildings’ performances in this sense refer to their ability to modify what they inherit, both in terms of their programm. atic functions and their own design directions. This modification includes taking a stand against what the architects, as well as the inhabitants, foresee. In what is not given, the task of these houses is thus to discover what might possibly be. It is neither resistance nor resignation, but an ability for re-articulation and re-interpretation in order for these houses to continually construct a performative environment through which the inhabitants can envisage their lives. 

Prime Nature Residence (Department of Architecture) / Residence Sukhumvit 16 (Dungrit Bunnag Architect – DBALP) / Serenity House (Brownhouses) / L71 (Office AT) /  Okanurak House (Deca-Atelier) / Baan Tawung (NagaConcepts) / Komkrit Residence (Boon Design) /  The Fifth Element (Architects 49 House Design)

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