Henry Leutwyler: Philippe Halsman: A Photographer's Life

Henry Leutwyler: Philippe Halsman: A Photographer's Life

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Henry Leutwyler creates a unique photo-biography from Halsman's possessions

In this book New York-based photographer Henry Leutwyler (born 1961) documents the professional and private life of renowned Life magazine photographer Philippe Halsman, who had a total of 101 Life covers to his name--more than any other photographer. Leutwyler first saw Halsman's work as a teenager in an exhibition at the International Center of Photography in 1979; now, more than 40 years later, his fascination has finally found fruition.


With his trademark approach, both forensic and imaginative, he teases out the meanings held within inanimate objects and how they reveal their owner's personality. In close collaboration with the Halsman Archive, Leutwyler has photographed hundreds of objects belonging to Halsman--from his cameras to his glasses, from his passport to a range of letters (from Janet Leigh, Richard Avedon and Richard Nixon, to name but a few), from table-tennis bats and balls to a collection of jewel-like, paper-wrapped soaps from around the world--in the words of Halsman's grandson Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, "magical evidence of a time that will never exist again."


 3.56 cms H x 30.48 cms L x 21.08 cms W, 384 pages, Hardcover, March 2023.

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