Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-Us Relations from the Financial Markets by James A. Fok

Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-Us Relations from the Financial Markets by James A. Fok

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Since the 2008 global financial crisis, tensions between the United States and China have risen rapidly. The rhetoric escalated further when the Trump Administration imposed significant new tariffs on Chinese goods and, despite a transition to a new administration in the White House, a near-term thawing of relations does not appear to be in the cards.

In Financial Cold War: A View of Sino-US Relations from the Financial Markets, market structure and geopolitical finance expert James Fok examines Sino-US relations through the lens of the financial markets, helping readers understand how imbalances and nuances in the structure of the global financial system have contributed to the current geopolitical tensions between America and China.

The book traces the history of the development of financial markets in both countries and of the current US dollar-based global financial system. It goes on to explain why the structure of world financial markets is fanning the flames of global tensions. Alongside a presentation of geopolitical developments between China and the West from the 18th century to the present day, the author examines the role of technology, innovation, regulation, taxation, and politics in markets. At the same time, he explores how the markets have impacted politics and policy.

Drawing on over two decades of hands-on experience in financial markets, including a decade on the frontline negotiating the integration of Mainland Chinese and international capital markets, Fok offers an in-depth analysis of the global financial system and questions the enduring assumptions that underpin it. He highlights the growing risks of dependence on the US dollar and worldwide fiscal competition, the challenges posed by China's gradual financial market opening, and the role played by Hong Kong as an intermediary for capital flows between China and the rest of the world. He also suggests ways for Chinese and American policymakers to address key financial sources of conflict in order to de-escalate geopolitical tensions.

Financial Cold War is a must-read resource for anyone interested in the interplay between financial markets and international relations, and the international infrastructure of the financial system.

James A. Fok is a veteran financial and strategic advisor to corporations and governments. He served as a senior executive at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) during a decade of rapid internationalisation in China's capital markets. Prior to that, he worked as an investment banker specialising in the financial services sector.

4.32 cms H x 23.11 cms L x 16.26 cms W 512 pages, Hardcover, December 2021.

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