Drawn to Drawing

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Dimensions: 185 × 245 mm | Extent: 304pp | Format: Hardback, cloth spine

John Vernon Lord is a master illustrator of children’s and adult books. His famous book The Giant Jam Sandwich has been in print for over forty years. This collection presents a wealth of previously unpublished material from sketchbooks and diaries, along with memoirs from Lord himself. It is an essential chapter in the history of twentieth century illustration and offers an insight into the life and working practices of a master draughtsman. A must for any illustration fan.

He draws words and writes pictures. He is a draughtsman of philosophical reflection… [John Vernon Lord] is not the only illustrator who works from black line, but he is one of the few who uses it with such virtuosity, building his subjects and their setting from a full range of graded tone to solid black. He can, of course, decorate beautifully but his drawings do many more things: they describe, invent, interpret, comment, document, probe, analyse and, in doing so, demonstrate how disciplined and mutifaceted illustration can be” – Posy Simmonds on John Vernon Lord

John Vernon Lord studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts (now Central St. Martins) under the close supervision of legendary artist John Burningham. He has had a long and successful career as an illustrator, as well as teaching as a professor of illustration for over 45 years. His book The Giant Jam Sandwich is a well-loved classic that has been in print for over 40 years. Other celebrated works include his black and white illustrations for the tales of Edward Lear, Lewis Caroll and Aesop. John Vernon Lord remains one of Britain’s most accomplished illustrators.