Deuteronomy and the Pentateuch (Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library)

Deuteronomy and the Pentateuch (Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library)

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This indispensable monograph synthesizes current debates and offers a new historical and literary analysis of the book of Deuteronomy


"In this exciting addition to the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library, Stackert offers something genuinely new: he brilliantly weaves together biblical scholarship, cuneiform literature, and contemporary literary theory. This clearly written and engaging volume examines how the concept of scripture shaped ancient readers' understanding of Deuteronomy."--Bernard M. Levinson, University of Minnesota


The book of Deuteronomy introduces and develops many of the essential ideas, events, and texts of both Judaism and Christianity, and it has thus been a resource--and in some instances even a starting point--for investigations of themes and concepts beyond it. In this volume, Jeffrey Stackert deftly guides the reader through major topics in the interpretation of Deuteronomy and its relationship to the other four pentateuchal books. Considering subjects such as the relationship between law and narrative, the role of Deuteronomy in Israel's history, its composition and reception history, the influence of cuneiform legal and treaty traditions, textual and archaeological evidence from the Levant and Mesopotamia, and the status of Deuteronomy within the larger biblical canon, this book introduces ongoing debates surrounding the book of Deuteronomy and offers a contemporary evaluation of the latest textual and material evidence.


 272 pages, Hardcover, April 2022.

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