Design Things That Make Sense: Tech. Innovator's Guide

Design Things That Make Sense: Tech. Innovator's Guide

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Design Things That Make Sense is the first and complete guide to designing technology-based products and services. It answers questions like: Why do so many new tech products fail? What accelerates technology adoption? How do you design products that make sense?


Deborah Nas transformed the knowledge she gained in her 25 years of experience as a designer, professor, and thought leader in technology-based innovation into practical design strategies. These design strategies will guide you in developing successful new products and improving existing products. They will help you design products and services whose technological benefits far outweigh their potential drawbacks. In other words, it will help you to Design Things That Make Sense for your future customers; products people will love to use and will continue using.


Product owners, product managers, and innovation managers can utilize this book to help their teams become better innovators. It can help start-up founders improve their value propositions and speed up adoption of their products. It can enable design professionals to fast track their design process. Design students can use it as a reference manual in their design projects and design tutors can use it to boost their students' design knowledge. The book comes with a free online toolkit designed for teamwork, workshops and co-creation sessions. Design Things That Make Sense is a hands-on book that will help you develop great ideas into successful products.


 1.78 cms H x 16.76 cms L x 16.76 cms W, 176 pages, Softcover, August 2021.

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