DC Poster Portfolio: Joelle Jones

DC Poster Portfolio: Joelle Jones

  • 990.00 ฿

**If not in-store, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery** หากหนังสือหมดจากหน้าร้าน เราจะส่งภายใน 10-14 วัน**

Joèelle Jones has made a name for herself through her masterful storytelling, detailed linework and a love of lush vintage patterns and silhouettes. See her heroic work in frame-ready over-size poster prints, perfect for fans and decorators alike! DC spotlights top cover artists with the Poster Portfolio series, now featuring Joèelle Jones! Printed on heavy card stock paper at a big 12 by 16 inches, the pages of the Poster Portfolio are easily pulled out and are suitable for framing.

1.02 cms H x 40.39 cms L x 30.23 cms W 42 pages, Softcover, June 2021.


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