Creative Leadership: Born from Design (Designing Now)

Creative Leadership: Born from Design (Designing Now)

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The changing realities of our time--especially the unprecedented situation in 2020--calls for leadership that moves beyond outdated models or frameworks that are driven by the tired rhetoric of management, business, or patriarchal notions of commandment. There is a need for new forms of leadership that are more empathetic and expansive, conversational and communal, and above all, creative. This informative and accessible book examines whether designers can actually be leaders and, if so, whether they can be better leaders because of their creative capability. It then examines how the tools of design, particularly in its most human-centred and collaborative form, might actually hold the key for the next generation of leadership. Creative leadership is based on three values that give everyone leadership potential: creativity, clarity, and empathy.


144 pages, Hardcover, June 2022.

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