Solaryman 2006-2015 by Yuki Aoyama

Solaryman 2006-2015 by Yuki Aoyama

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My father spent the greater part of his life as a businessman devoted to his work.
It wasn't until after he died that I developed a deep respect for him.
Not having experience as a businessman myself,
I'm deeply moved and filled with hope at finding the instants when dads
who sweat and struggle to keep their companies afloat and prosperous transform into heroes flying through the sky.
Businessmen in their iconic suits sent leaping away from the mundane world, shine and show their individuality.
As I mentally superimpose their figures on the ideal of my dead father, I create my photographic works.

I'm very proud to be the son of a businessman.
I became a photographer and now I continue to photograph businessmen.
I'm sure the day will come when I become a father.
The "way of life" of a father whose children are of first importance.
The subtle but happy "sense of distance" between father and adolescent daughter.
These are things I hope to express as I continue photographing businessmen.

— excerpt from the artist’s afterword

hardcover, 160 pages

238 X 182 mm