Kenji Hirashiwa Portraits

Kenji Hirashiwa Portraits

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Thermographic cameras use heat distribution to form an image of the subject and can reveal figures and a world normally invisible not only to a regular camera, but to the naked eye. Portraits created by this visualization of temperature communicate the warmth of life filled with energy while at the same time seeming to to depict our world as overflowing with hope. Please join us in anticipating Kenji Hirasawa's newest exhibition.

"We have long pondered the question, 'What is life?'. Understanding and explanations are possible with science, with philosophyfrom many different points of view. However, there is an understanding that exists within us that precedes words. That is the idea that Life Is Beautiful. We could say that a portrait of ourselves is a portrait of life." - Kenji Hirasawa


64 pages

297 X 210 mm