Pocket Chinese Almanac 2022 by Joanna C. Lee & Ken Smith

  • 300.00 ฿

"To leaf through the Pocket Chinese Almanac is to read a quaint-sounding daily diary— in advance" — James Barron, The New York Times

With every Lunar New Year — not only in much of China but also in Chinatowns around the world — comes a new edition of the Chinese almanac. As soon as revelry settles into routine, the culture's perennial bestseller takes its reserved place a the hearth or altar for regular family consultation.

The Chinese almanac has its roots in the imperial calendar, a balance of solar and lunar patterns traditionally maintaining harmony among heaven, earth, and mankind. For more than 2,000 years, each succeeding court produced an annual document regulating daily activities. Ambitious imitators, ignoring the imperial monopoly on divination, soon put out their own competing editions, marking the origins not only of China's mass publishing industry, but also its media piracy. 

6 x 9 cm, 128 pages, Softcover, January 2022.

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