Bulgari Magnifica: The Power Women Hold by Tina Leung

Bulgari Magnifica: The Power Women Hold by Tina Leung

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Bvlgari’s new high jewelry collection pays tribute to the pioneering visions of indomitable women who blazed their own paths, broke boundaries, or shattered cultural norms.  

In keeping with the inspiration for the jewelry collec-tion, this book is an ode to women, as suggested by the female name “Magnifica.” This launch marks the start of a new chapter in a history filled with energy, impact, and daring creativity, with a collection of outstanding pieces at the height of High Jewelry, creativity, and artisanship, conveyed through exper-tise and craftsmanship.
 In a male-dominated world, Bvlgari’s muses have helped forge a new perception of women thanks to their courage, resilience, and talent. Whether they may be artists, art patrons, or intellectuals, they have shared the same ability to think outside the box, reimagining their future in an unapologetic way.
 Based on the three pillars of stunning gems, inspiring muses, and the gifted hands of artisans and designers, Bvlgari’s Magnifica book is divided into three sections—Head, Heart, and Hands—and outlines Bvlgari’s new jewelry ecosystem. In addition to gorgeous photographs of jewels, the voices of the contributors to this volume, who are all women, will trace a path of encouragement and provide an example for today’s women to pursue their intuitions and cultivate their talent. 


3.30 cms H x 32.51 cms L x 25.40 cms W, 208 pages, Hardcover, December 2021.

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