Best Coastal Homes

Best Coastal Homes

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There’s something alluring about living on the coast. Whether it’s on a sandy tropical beach with azure waters glistening in the sun, or a rocky bluff with growling rollers crashing below, there’s a sense of escapism in being by the sea that draws us to dwell there.

Best Coastal Homes is an elegant and inspiring tour of some spectacular examples of contemporary residential design in the world’s most spectacular coastal settings.

We’ve searched the globe and compiled an outstanding collection of luxury seaside homes in such spectacular locations as the Greek Islands, the Dominican Republic, Norway, Canada and of course, Australia. Designed by some of the world’s most prolific architects and building designers, the projects featured – despite their remote location – combine modern technology with exotic local materials to produce rich houses of impression, sophistication and prestige.

Best Coastal Homes showcases over 40 such projects, from a sleek concrete fortress in the Dominican Republic to a breezy timber bach in New Zealand. Each house has its own exotic quality exhibiting contemporary architecture at its finest. Something these houses all have in common is that they encourage an active dialogue between the occupants and their unique coastal setting, blending seamlessly bold architectural form, crisp and inviting interiors and stunning natural landscapes to create a harmonious balance between human desire and nature.

Enjoy the comprehensive display of places to dwell on the water that exude style and individuality. Alluring images with stirring articles result in the vivid presentation of highly aspirational coastal oases that evoke a sense of escapism and will no doubt encourage and inspire you to think about your own sea change.

Jade de Souza

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