Become a Bestseller on Vendor Central and Seller Central FBA Sales Strategy for Beginner to Intermediate Sellers

Become a Bestseller on Vendor Central and Seller Central FBA Sales Strategy for Beginner to Intermediate Sellers

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"Become a Bestseller on; Vendor Central & Seller Central FBA Sales Strategy: An Online Business Guide From A 10 Year Amazon Manufacturers Sales Representative"


The Hottest New Release in Amazon Selling Books & E-commerce Marketing.


Do you want to crush the competition? Then learn how to Sell More Products and Build Your Brand on Amazon Like the Pros! Read all of the BEST and MOST current Selling Secrets for 2019. A Vendor Central & Seller Central Strategy Playbook for Small to Medium Brands and Home Based FBA Businesses.


Discover ways to create keyword favoritism with the search tool, improve your content, establish brand registry, learn about keywords, maximize your awareness with advertising, manage promotions, generate verified reviews, navigate the ticket system, understand reporting and forecasts, get paid on more charge-backs, develop vivid A+ content, fine tune pricing strategies, navigate negotiations, learn to talk like an "Amazonian" with the easy to read glossary!

In 2019 represented 48% of all e-commerce sales in the USA. Amazon Brand Building and Protection has never been more important than it is right now. Learn expert tips and tricks to growing your brand on the world's largest digital marketplace. You will learn the secrets to performing at the highest level with the guidance of veteran Amazon manufacturer's representative, and owner of Dotcom Reps LLC, Adam Wilkens. His personal experience comes from creating and managing multiple vendor accounts with annual revenue in the $7+ figures. Many of these products later made their way onto shelves in Big Box retailers due to their popularity and high demand on

No matter what category you are selling in, 'Become a Bestseller on' will help you make and or save money. Grow your sales to the next level. This online sales guide will provide sales and marketing strategies for large vendors & small sellers, for the home based business & the corporation.

My secrets to sales success can be yours today. This Amazon selling book will help you increase sales by providing step-by-step instruction (with images in some cases). The valuable information outlined in each chapter will be relevant for both 1P Vendor Central, and 3P Seller Central suppliers.


If you are serious about growing to the next level and hitting your Sales Goals this year then this will be the cheapest investment in Amazon Selling that you make. Don't delay, make more money on Amazon starting today!

0.69 cms H x 25.40 cms L x 20.29 cms W, 128 pages, Softcover, December 2018.

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