Ancient China: Art and Archaeology by Jessica Rawson

Ancient China: Art and Archaeology by Jessica Rawson

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In Ancient China: Art and Archaeology, Jessica Rawson traces the development of early Chinese art in its historical context. Illustrating her study with major pieces from the outstanding Chinese collections of the British Museum, she also draws on literary and historical texts as diverse as oracle bones and the philosophical writings of the Confucians, and on important post-war excavations in China itself.
In the light of this varied evidence, Mrs Rawson provides fresh insights into the art, technology, and social organisation that went into the making of many great masterpieces of ceramic, bronze, and jade, and at the same time shows what kind of information about ancient China can be provided by its artefacts.

Jessica Rawson is Deputy Keeper of the department of Oriental Antiquities at the British Museum.


15.5cm x 23.5cm, 240 pages, Softcover, 1980 (Condition: As New / Fine)


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