An Introduction to Islamic Arms by Anthony North

An Introduction to Islamic Arms by Anthony North

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Arab technology was an important factor in the development and spread of gunpowder. Islamic gunmakers did not, as in the West, constantly change the design of firearms. As a
result, a successful lock design would survive long after it had been discarded in Europe.

Islamic armourers have always respected tradition. The curved single-edged swords still worn for ceremony, differ little from those  carried in the 15th century.

What appealed to 19th century collectors and curators was the lavish decoration of these arms - watered steel blades with surfaces like moiré silk, guns covered with delicate enameled gold mounts and dagger hilts carved from semi-precious stones.

The wide geographical area covered by this introduction includes Turkey, the Caucasus, North Africa, Persia and India.


Anthony North illustrates his text principally from the V&A collection, which contains some fine, early examples of the craft of the Islamic armourer. Most of these arms have not previously been published.

19.2cm x 25.6cm, 47 pages, Hardcover, 1985 (Condition: Very Good)


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