Al Wasl Plaza: Dubai Expo 2020

Al Wasl Plaza: Dubai Expo 2020

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In the book Al Wasl Plaza: Dubai Expo the architects, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture highlight the inspiration and innovation of the design of Al Wasl Plaza.

The book explores each aspect of the project including the garden, the trellis, three office buildings, and two hotel buildings, all of which serve to define the center of Expo 2020. The book is essentially divided into three phases of design. The first phase focuses on the inspiration and conception of the project. Architectural studies, sketches, and models show the process that led to the final iconic form. The second phase introduces each of the parcels including the garden, trellis, offices, hotels, the Leadership Pavilion, and the Arrivals Plaza. Each chapter illustrates the design process, architectural details, and the development of the technical systems. The third and final phase summarizes the construction process, sustainability achievements, and looks to the future to reveal the District 2020 legacy master plan concept by AS+GG.


3.30 cms H x 24.38 cms L x 24.38 cms W, 294 pages, Hardcover, April 2022.

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