About the Rose: Creation and Community in Jay Defeo's Circle

About the Rose: Creation and Community in Jay Defeo's Circle

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A remarkable portrait of a web of artistic connections, traced outward from Jay DeFeo's uniquely generative work of art


Through deep archival research and nuanced analysis, Elizabeth Ferrell examines the creative exchange that developed with and around The Rose, a monumental painting on which the San Francisco artist Jay DeFeo (1929-1989) worked almost exclusively from 1958 to 1966. From its early state to its dramatic removal from DeFeo's studio, the painting was a locus of activity among Fillmore District artists. Wallace Berman, Bruce Conner, Wally Hedrick, and Michael McClure each took up The Rose in their photographs, films, paintings, and poetry, which DeFeo then built upon in turn. The resulting works established a dialogue between artists rather than seamless cooperation. Illustrated with archival photographs and personal correspondence, in addition to the artworks, Ferrell's book traces how The Rose became a stage for experimentation with authorship and community, defying traditional definitions of collaboration and creating alternatives to Cold War America's political and artistic binaries.


2.29 cms H x 25.91 cms L x 18.54 cms W, 248 pages, Hardcover, February 2022.

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