A Year in the Art World: An Insider's View by Matthew Israel

A Year in the Art World: An Insider's View by Matthew Israel

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Over the last few decades, the contemporary art world has become increasingly globalized and more visible than ever before. And yet, in many ways it remains closed and obscure. What actually happens behind the doors of a contemporary artist's studio? At an auction house before a major sale? In the vaults of an art storage unit? How can art museums keep up with Instagram? And why does everyone seem to hate art fairs?

Join curator, writer, and art historian Matthew Israel on a yearlong journey through the contemporary art world. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong via Venice, Basel, Paris, and New York, from biennials in summer to auction houses in fall, Israel reveals the joys and anxieties of this sometimes baffling, often intimidating field. Blending an insider's knowledge with in-depth profiles, interviews with key art world figures, and a keen ear for an anecdote, A Year in the Art World is a compelling, generous companion for any art lover curious about how art is being made, valued, sold, cared for, and looked at today.


2.29 cms H x 20.07 cms L x 12.95 cms W, 232 pages, Softcover, September 2023.

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