A Poem Is a Firefly by Charles Ghigna

A Poem Is a Firefly by Charles Ghigna

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**if not in-store, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery** หากหนังสือหมดจากหน้าร้าน เราจะส่งภายใน 10-14 วัน**


What's a poem? A poem can be many things. In this ideal way to get children thinking about literature join a group of friendly woodland animals as they introduce the wonder and magic of poetry. Each animal friend offers their own ideas about poetry, from a whisper to a shout to a laugh to a sigh, and then realizes that poetry is an everyday part of our lives. And yes, indeed, a poem can be a firefly upon the summer wind. 


1.27 cms H x 28.19 cms L x 22.86 cms W, 32 pages, Hardcover, April 2021.

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