A Letter for Bear

  • 600.00 ฿

Dimensions: 222 x 241mm | Extent: 32 pp | Colour: 4 spot| Format: Hardback, UV spot varnish| 3-5 years

Flying Eye Books have published their first Christmas title! They have teamed up with the incredible David Lucas to produce a visually powerful and heart-warming tale that will strike warmth into the chilliest organs this christmas. Printed using four spot colour on FSC approved paper with a UV varnish finish on the cover.

Poor Bear, who will send him a letter? Come rain or shine, he works so hard delivering the post to all the animals of the wood but he never receives anything himself. Hardly surprising since he’s never actually sent a letter! One day, Bear decides to write a few letters of his own, inviting all the forest animals to a party.

David Lucas’ picture book is a beautifully rendered and finely executed story. The ease with which Lucas delivers this sweet and heart-warming tale gives his work, time and time again, the quality of a true classic.

“As remarkable a writer as he is an illustrator” – Publishers Weekly

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