A Hundred Years of Japanese Film by Donald Richie

A Hundred Years of Japanese Film by Donald Richie

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The authoritative guide to Japanese film, revised and updated (2012).


Now available in paperback for the first time, A Hundred Years of Japanese Film by Donald Richie, the foremost Western expert on Japanese film, gives us an incisive, detailed, and fully illustrated history of the country's cinema.

Called the dean of Japan's arts critics by Time magazine, Richie takes us from the inception of Japanese cinema at the end of the nineteenth century, through the achievements of Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, and Ozu, then on to the notable works of contemporary filmmakers. This revised edition includes analyses of the latest trends in Japanese cinema, such as the revival of the horror genre, and introduces today's up-and-coming directors and their works. 

As Paul Schrader writes in his perceptive foreword, Richie's accounting of the Japanese film retains his sensitivity to the actual circumstances of film production (something filmmakers know very well but historians often overlook) . . . and shows the interweave of filmmaking--the contributions of directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, musicians, art directors, as well as financiers.

Of primary interest to those who would like to watch the works introduced in these pages, Richie has provided capsule reviews of the major subtitled Japanese films commercially available in DVD and VHS formats. This guide has been updated to include not only the best new movie releases, but also classic films available in these formats for the first time.

2.54 cms H x 22.35 cms L x 15.24 cms W 317 pages, Softcover, 2012.

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