30 Heritage Buildings of Yangon

30 Heritage Buildings of Yangon

  • 1,500.00 ฿

ISBN : 9781932476662

The modern history of Yangon can be traced through its colonial-era architecture. From the monumental former Reserve Bank of India, which records every step of the country’s fiscal history, to the now derelict Pegu Club, which was once the favoured watering hole for officers of the British colonial government, each building has a story to tell.

This book focuses on a selection of 30 key buildings and examines their past, present, and future. Piecing together the often forgotten social history of each building has involved delving into out-of-print books, company records, old city directories, newspaper archives, and people’s memories. Published in both Burmese and English language editions, this book aims to contribute to the collective conversation about the social and economic potential of Yangon’s colonial-era heritage in the hopes that the city’s architectural past can become a vibrant and sustainable part of its future.


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