'70s Tokyo TRANSGENDER by Satomi Nihonki 二本木里美 (Autographed)

  • 3,900.00 ฿

Satomi Nihongi's 126 portraits of trans people during 70's in Tokyo. Satomi Nihongi, photographer who has joined Araki Nobuyoshi's early work "Geribara Five", captured the aesthetics beyond the social norms of sexuality by photographing the trans people in gay clubs in Shinjuku, Akasaka, and Aoyama. Images used in the contents are taken from vintage print, so some are spotted or deteriorated over decades.

All 500 copies are autographed and editioned. 

H265 x W190 x D15cm, Limited Edition of 500 copies, cloth, slipcase, text in Japanese and English, autographed, July 2021.


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