The Book Mark ISSUE 1.2 (Eng)

ISSUE 1.2 13.7.2016 THAI ENGLISH

With so many interesting exhibitions to hop about, this July you can't be bored.First to checklist is the G Mark 60th Anniversary exhibition, followed by KAWS:BFF. And don't miss to visit MAHAVEER SWAMI: A Painter From Bikaner and Home Cuisine in the heart of the Creative District.

 What is G Mark? If you notice this boxy  letter G  contained in  a red circle and wonder, the Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), under the sponsorship of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Each year JDP recognizes good design from q wide range of participants. The exhibition looks back upon the awarded designs in four sections - designs that changed and supported people's lifestyles. progress in life and industry guided by design, brands that continue  to be loved and their designs and the future of touch. & Don't be surprised if your household item or familiar brands are included in the exhibition; for example Yakult, Olfa cutter, Nissin Cup Noddle, classic Toshiba rice-cooker and Honda Super Cub C100. The exhibition not only gives you a brief tour of designs evolving in the last six decades, but also demonstrates that a traditional craftsmanship can be adapted and cooperated into new design for modernutility; a good example is SUWADA nail clippers that use the traditional skill and technique of the Japanese sword making.(At Good Design Store, Level 4, Cental Embassy until 31 July).


At Central Embassy ground floor is another exciting happening - KAWS:BFF (Best Friend Forever) by the famous street artist KAWS accompanied with a print collection of the same theme. This 8-meter-tall sculpture with muppet-look is the tallest one in the line, so far.But better keep your eyes peeled. (Until 31 July)
A really can't miss of the mouth is MAHAVEER SWAMI: A Painter From Bikaner exhibition at Serindia Gallery, O.P Garden. Mahaveer Swami is one of the finest traditional artists working in India today. He is from a family of traditional  Bikaner painters and studied under late Vedpal Sharma, the founder of Bannu Studio in Jaipur. His works revitalize aspects of the sophisticated and refined Bikaner painting, a distinct school among Rajasthani miniature paintings, with an originality and brilliance of the artist.

In this unique selection of works are his exquisite works on Chinese landscapes reminiscent of the finest Song-dynasty paintings. Others encompasses traditional Indian miniaturist subjects with the lingering air of Ragamala - various Indian musical modes, as well as mythology and cross-cultural themes. (Until 7 August)

To be in tune with the finest brushworks from the subcontinent, the northern Indian menu at HOME CUISINE is recommended. tandoori roti or nan bread served with dal and mutton curry could do the best. Of this homey restaurant across the French Consulate, the signature dishes are Thai fish biryani and aromatic fish curry with brinjal. And don't forget to treat yourself to rasmali or gulab jamun.



Here comes the rain again, and we shall cherish. 'Cos there's so much fun around.