Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age by George E. Mylonas

Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age by George E. Mylonas

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What we have learned from archaeology about Mycenaean culture is presented here in a penetrating survey by a scholar who comes to his subject from many campaigns of excavation in Greece. Passing easily from site to site for illustration and corroboration of his discussion, he examines the gates and walls of citadels and what they indicate about military strategy, palaces and their implications for social and political life, roads and their economic significance, graves and their revelations about religious practice and belief. He reviews the unresolved puzzles in the exploration of Mycenaean remains, for example the use of the latest structure at Tiryns, the course of the ascent of the summit at Mycenae, the burial ceremonies at the royal tomb at Dendra.


23cm x 28.5cm, Hardcover, 1967 (Condition: Very Good)


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