Katharina Grosse: Studio Paintings 1988-2022

Katharina Grosse: Studio Paintings 1988-2022

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A substantial overview of Grosse's lesser-known studio paintings spanning more than three decades

German artist Katharina Grosse (born 1961) is internationally celebrated for her large-scale on-site paintings that respond to built and natural environments. To date, less attention has been paid to her studio-based paintings. This publication corrects that oversight, providing the first in-depth exploration of Grosse's studio-scale works, from her earliest paintings in the late 1980s to her most recent. Examining the powerful physical presence of these canvases and the central role they have played in Grosse's experiments with color and paint, the catalog delves into their physical and optical properties, aesthetic potentials, qualities of independence and ability to create motion.
Featuring more than 170 reproductions, five scholarly essays and an interview with the artist, this publication is both a record of the exhibition it accompanies and the first reference book covering the entire span of her studio practice.


2.79 cms H x 28.19 cms L x 23.11 cms W, 352 pages, January 2023.

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