JD01637 Bag in Bag for LaptopPC Gray

JD01637 Bag in Bag for LaptopPC Gray

  • 1,766.36 ฿

Designer: Keisuke Hagiwara, Hitoshi Mikuriya, Mayumi Aoki, CAINZ CORPORATION


With the spreading number of smartphones and tablet terminals, opportunities of carrying the accessories such as the battery charger, the cable increase. This is the bag in bag which can bundle not only notebooks and stationaries, but also tablet terminal, notebook PC, and the outskirts items. By the vertical placement pocket, it controls the interference of each items and not saving items in the bottom, so that can keeps slender form. In addion, it adopt bright inner cloth to grasp items easily in a gloomy bag . From the viewpoint of privacy, it has a packable big flap.


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