Homoopathie by Norihiko Kikuchi

Homoopathie by Norihiko Kikuchi

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Today is the day of death of all of my hedonism life with
pseudo-reproductive activity.
Me of dressed few of blood and meat, I throw all of my pain into chaos
with photography.
I say hello to my new northern life in Aomori, Japan. and I say good
bye to casual and indiscriminate sexual relations and devour each
other with anonymous. but it always flashback to me still. I stopped
living with Homoopathie to get my little, reliable future and eternal
life with someone.
I start sparkle and depart from here. And my heart, heartbeat
quickened. The instinct makes me lose control of spirit and you. Still
people wants to ingest silly sugar pill and struggle. I can go forward
and I can look down whole of world from the ledge.

  • Norihiko Kikuch

Softcover, 32 pages

140 x 210 mm