9781932476507 New Directions in Thai Materials (Serindia)

9781932476507 New Directions in Thai Materials (Serindia)

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New Directions in Thai Materials
Peta Bassett
New Directions in Thai Materials is an exploration of materials currently offered in the Thai design world. Familiar natural solutions reflect the abundant tropical environment but are transformed into contemporary products while synthetics offer surprising and often deceptive imitations as well as novelty of their own. Widespread eco-concerns are also driving the material choices of many designers and new resources have been discovered or created in the process. NewDirections in Thai Materials is by no means an exhaustive catalogue of all materials currently used by designers in Thailand, but rather a source of inspiration that adds a new dimension to Thai creativity.

Featured here are inspirations from natural materials — water hyacynth, bamboo, silk cocoons, clay, among others — from local sources that found modern uses. New and young entrepreneurs take creativity from indigenous materials to new heights, combining international design language and technology into innovative products. Enviromental concerns bring new ways to reduce waste and benefit the economy. Established designers and architects inspire new generations with their experience. This book weaves together a story of new designs in Thailand through materials, showcasing the spirit, energy and creative freedom of the Thai design community.

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